Two in One: A Swapped Odd One Out

Addison is back. I'm back. Seattle Grace and Side Reel right themselves!

So rather then separate these two post, let's hit two birds with one stones shall we!

Where The Wild Things Are Review

The Odd Man Out

Listening to: The featured songs from the episode- Some People by Goldfrapp and What A Day by Greg Laswell.

It started small, a little bear roar (sorry, the jokes are going to keep coming). Tiny, but growing. And then I heard it.

I was laughing. I was LAUGHING, at appropriate moments (this is key with Greys Anatomy) at the episode. I was laughing at Greys! I LOVED this episode!

I became the odd man out. I believe I am one of the only people who actually enjoyed this episode.

Some many things were just odd about this.

Only three featured songs in the entire show? Odd...

A bear attack? Prompted by a tumor? Odd...

Chief congratulating Izzie on her $120,000 worth of tests? Odd...

Meredith showing some character growth? Odd...

Way too much gross stuff? Odd...

I am laughing at Greys? Odd...

Greys Anatomy returning in strength? ODD

And well needed. Greys needed, well, a huge swipe of a bear paw to knock it back with strength.

And it was just what I needed.

Greg Laswell's song over the back? Perfect. Haunting. And reminding me of the genius of Alex Patsavas.

Lines? Perfect: Example? George: I married in the spur of the moment and I don't have a brain tumor Izzie: Yet

This episode of Greys, complete with Greys piano sending me out, reminded me of why I got into it in the first place.

But I guess I'm the odd man (err woman) out. I seem to be one of the only ones who liked this episode.

But I'm ok with that.

Grey's has righted itself with me.


Piece of my Heart Review


Listening to: Devil Wouldn't Recognize You by Madonna

Clack clack clack

Addison's heels once again strike the tiles of Seattle Grace. And yet the excitement streaming through my veins to see Kate Walsh in the resurgence of her role was never met. Kate Walsh shines so hard in this episode that she needs her own spin-off..

Oh wait..

Immediately this episode is full of A's:

Ava, Addison, Alex, Alex as an Ass, Awkward, Abortions, Anger,

But not only was this loaded with things that starts with A's. But everything appears to be swapped: A summary that was finally conclusive should have happened on the first episode back, not the second. It's nice to have Addison back but no in order to have a summary...that should have happened on the first episode...Izzie comes through in front of her interns after appearing weak...The piano is cheesy not fitting...Emotions are swapped every few moments. It's awkward and its not, its funny then its not.

After the episode, I didn't go running and screaming to look for the music. I didn't scour for tunes or pictures. It just didn't hit me as powerful.

So I guess I'm swapped, too. I didn't think this episode was nearly as powerful as the first episode back.

I'm a swapped, odd one out!

Quote of the night:

Callie: Did anyone think you two (Meredith and Christina) were a couple?

Meredith: No because we screw boys like whores on tequila.

Christina: And then we either marry them or try to drown ourselves.


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