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This week's episode of Ugly Betty was heart-wrenching in so many different scenes. There was Daniel's expression when he found out that he wasn't DJ's father. There was the part when Gio shouted "Because you broke my heart!" at Betty and his voice broke a little bit at the end. There was also the part when Tony's wife was telling Hilda about how he still loved Tony even though their marriage wasn't working. There was the scene with Daniel and DJ at the amusement park. And there was the part when Hilda broke up with Tony saying how she knew how it felt to lose a loved one, and she couldn't bear to be the reason his marriage didn't get a second chance. But my favourite part has to be at the end when Daniel makes a last minute decision to rush forward and hug Alexis goodbye. It was incredibly sweet, and made me smile.

This episode was absolutely drama-filled and we find out that Wilhelmina now owns a half of the Meade empire. Although, is anybody else feeling like Marc's becoming a little bit soft? He seems to be more wary about Wilhelmina's schemes in the last few episodes. I can't help but feel like the writers are prepping us for something major regarding Marc.

I always enjoy Ugly Betty because of its great acting, and engaging storyline, and once again, it doesn't disappoint.


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Oct 21, 2008 9:03AM EDT

nope this week the writer's closed up storylines from last season:is daniel a father, does wilhemina get ahold of the company, gio and betty, alexis and daniel mending fences, and hilda and tony. yet they also opened many more storylines:daniel jr. coming back to nyc with alexis as his father, wilhemina finally getting her hands on part of the company and now having only to get her hands on 50% more, betty having room for a new man, etc. the writers pulled all the stops for this one. i am sad though that betty and gio seem to be over. they were perfect for one another. maybe in the future i will get my wish. also when will hilda finally have some peace.

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