I can easily say that after seeing this week's episode of Ugly Betty, it is officially ruined for me, and I may follow the example of many of the former-viewers.

Starting out as one of the most interesting characters, I believed that Connor should have become one of the series regulars, admitted, Molly was a tad annoying but the side she brought out in Daniel was so adorable.

So what happened?

In two episodes alone the tone of the entire series changed drastically, from a perky show with some drama to an overly dramatic trying-to-hard-for-OMG-moments, Ugly Betty just isn't what it's supposed to be. If I really wanted dramatic crap, I'd watch Grey's Anatomy (which I do BTW but it's not whta I've been watching Ugly for)

There are too many issues and not enough lighthearted happy moments, these characters have just had disappointments one after another, and after 3 years, I am sick and tired of hearing Betty complain that she's going no where.

Many of the characters are completely ruined for me such as:

Wilhelmina- I've had flashes of Portia from The Merchant of Venice. A formally completely career driven woman, I miss the days of the old Wilhelmina and her constant attempts at ruining the Meade name. This new "soft and in love" side of her is just annoying.


Molly- After her drop the news and leave act, so not cool, especially since she didn't even give Daniel a chance to unload his problems!

Connor- He started out as one of favorites, and then suddenly he's STEALING?! Seriously?! Seriously?!

But, the frequent appearances by Mark and Amanda make the episode that much better, I don't think that they're worth losing an hour of my life.




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Feb 27, 2009 11:58PM EST

i have to agree that this latest episode was an absolute disappointment. i really was hoping that connor would stay on...he was an awesome character. i could have accepted it if molly left but for a better reason than being sick..Betty has gotten extremely annoying lately with her constant nagging and sadness. when i first started watching the show i really liked betty's personality: determined, confident and all she is is a ugly secretary with a bad dressing sense!but i think im gonna give the show another couple of episodes before giving up on it completely...hopefully it will get better...

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Mar 1, 2009 1:33PM EST

i think they decided they had to switch it up a bite and go for the total gloom doom thing and the next episodes will be them fixing everything and going back to normal

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