Good Rate

I was born in 1976 and i remember been a year old (1977) and watching Star Wars:Episode 4 A New Hope with my older cousins,im a 200% Star Wars fan,and i gotta say the Star Wars:The Clone War Serie air on Cartoon Network are much better than the Star Wars:The Clone War Movie I love everything of Star Wars but some people (not fans) didnt like the movie i agree is not the best but is alright to me,i think george(lucas)should complete the circle he or someone he trust to do the job finishing the saga with episode 7,8,9(vII,vIII,IX) Princess leia-Han solo jedi kids?,and luke never get a girl?that should be resolve,or he is just a homo-jedi?ha,ha sorry about that!,anyway the serie is awesome preatty f*** good,great rating,waiting season 2,when is gonna be on air again?

p.d= and episode VII,VIII and IX is already written a long time ago...


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