Soprano Never Die

-It would be cool instead of The Sopranos Movie another season(s),maybe Tony in jail waiting for a Rico Trial thanks to Carlo Flip,i think is the most accourate version from what we all saw in the so called last episode of the Serie,Maybe Silvio in a coma for ever,Paulie acting Boss of the family with Patsi number 2 and Beanie,A.J Finally understanding the importance of the family business and joint the crew under the wing or the wings of Paulie ha,ha,meadow getting married to Jason Parisi graduating from college and been a good Lawer and defending her father ofcourse,in the New York Family,Carmine Jr finally asume been Boss with butchie number 2.

-Another good stuff would be something like the Sopranos The Begining,1950s-60s when jonny boy Soprano was a teenager then grown and playing boss of the North Jersey Mafia family with Junior at that time tonys childhood when he met carmela,cousing tony his begining as and outsider,associate,soldier,capo,richie & jackie april era late 80s,also watch the famous Take down on feetch lamana card game,tony using cocaine with christopher,they mention that in season 4 but never really happend or seen in any season/episodes

p.d=its not gonna happen but would be great,(sorry my english)


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