Re: Have the writers lost the plot?

Christian said it best. "I'm serious, I felt violated. The last time I felt like this was back in the early 90s when some girl shoved her finger up my butt with no warning." And thats just what the viewers got, no warning. What is going on with this show? Julia is a lesbian? Christian is a male prostitute? PROOF OF ALIEN EXISTENCE? Are you kidding me?

Pegasus, you could not have been more correct. Thank you for articulating so well what I, and others have been thinking about this whole season. I keep finding myself just accepting what is being told to me more and more. For example, Julia and Christian. We went from Julia getting over Christian by sleeping with him one last time to Julia being devastated that Christian is still sleeping around. And Pegasus, again you are right, Did Olivia go on vacation or something? Where is she when all of this is happening?

I, like most people, got excited when the show moved out west. It had so much potential. And now...well now, as Christian says, there is a finger up my butt. Where is Wilbur? Where is Connor? Where are all of the crazy surgeries that made the audience sympathetic to characters (like pussy lips, or Diana Lubey- the woman that wanted her lovers ashes put into her breast implants) What is going on with Sean and Christian? I loved the fact that they where changing roles. Sean was getting sucked into the whole Hollywood scene, and losing his soul. (As it was eluded to in the beginning of the season, and was shown with events like the hell party) And now both characters are regressing. Grrr. Whenever good plot development starts the audience is cut off, and we are forced to accept something else.

Nip/Tuck used to have a certain quality about it. This quality sucked you in. It made you cry because you could relate to how people felt, and the extremes they were now willing to go. It made you so angry that you would yell at the television. It used to be so outrageous that you would sit there with a look of complete shock frozen on your face after watching an episode. Now, I miss the show that made me feel all of those emotions. I miss the show that I was unable to turn away from.


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