Episode Six, "Ugly Berry"

Last week, Betty let her good and decent self help out an old enemy in need by showing her the ropes at Mode. In doing so, she made a monster out of Kimmie, who nabbed a promotion and declared ominously that she felt like her old self again.

So when Ugly Betty opens this week, Kimmie is empowered and all the rage in the office. She rubs Betty's nose in her success, which makes Betty morph into a green-eyed monster ("She brings out this side of me where I want to scratch her eyes out"). Betty's biggest complaint to Daniel is that Kimmie refuses to play by the rules - but she soon learns that working with people you dislike is par for the course in grown-up world. That, though, is a world in which Marc and Amanda do not live, and they decide Kimmie must go, which means luring Betty over to the dark side and joining forces against a common enemy.

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