THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

Have you all cooled down after that completely unnecessary brawl in the board room on last week's THE APPRENTICE? Great now we can get into this week's mess. The teams, Fortitude and Octane, were charged with selling ice cream outside in New York City, which seems like one of the easiest tasks ever given to contestants on this show. Poppy, recent graduate with double degrees who can't find a good job takes charge of the ladies of Fortitude, while crazy pants David leads Octane.

Both teams headed to the obvious choice of Union Square, where during the Summer can house up to 120K visitors. Octane set up shop first and turned on the testosterone charm to lure folks in at 9AM to expensive ice cream. Surprisingly this tactic didn't work and other members alerted David to possibly bring some of the aggro down from their sales force. On the other side of the park, the ladies of Fortitude were trying to sell $5 ice cream sandwiches, which is actually a steal in NYC. Both teams learned quickly they needed a better gimmick, so Liza and Brandy went off to pick up pink tank tops to make the team look like a team. Then the boys went to a local costume shop to pick up some eye catching attire as well.

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