Thumbs up to the prisonbreakheroes.com link in Full High Def. It was gorgeous in quality and still very fast-loading.

The movie itself, however, was slightly disappointing. This is perhaps partly due to my own expectations: I was hoping for an actual disturbed youth, not a cute little boy that just.. made a mistake. I thought he would look out his window and not do anything about what he saw, and that was what appealed to me in the movie in the first place.

Some good and bad points:

+ The actors were well-cast. Loved the Asian guy!

- Some characters were unnecessary. The way I see it, they could have dropped either the girl or the best friend.

- Too many coincidences!

- It was predictable, which is okay in a lot of movies but not in this one as the plot is all that could have kept it exciting.

Overall I think it's not a good movie. Although it was okay for a bored Saturday afternoon, I would not recommend it to anyone and I would certainly never watch it again myself.

P.S. No girl is that perfect.. are they? Beautiful face, perfect body, plays video games, stands half-naked in front of window..


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