Not as good as expected (New Season)

Well hi guys,

I always liked American Dad just as much as I like Family Guy, but let's face it:

1. The new episode was kinda poor compared to the others

2. They used to have like many different plots in one episode, I only saw 2 this time

3. I loved Roger, he used to be a real sociopath, but now his humor just seemed like the jokes were made right before airing the episode.

So far, gimme feedback

PS: excuse my bad english ---> german ;)



Oct 6, 2008 11:51AM EDT

I agree. The gags are not as good. This weeks running joke on simon was even funny.

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Oct 6, 2008 2:31PM EDT

jeah, the latest episode was a bit better, but still i think there won't be an episode as good as the old ones...

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Oct 13, 2008 8:52AM EDT

I agree but maybe we expected too much.btw gut auch andere deutsche hier zusehen

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Oct 15, 2008 7:11AM EDT

You're probably right about the quality, though I think season 3 had quite a few episodes which were better than S1/2... so wait and see.
Oh, and most cartoons and sitcoms, including American Dad, generally have 2 main plot lines, not more. There isn't enough time in 22minutes to cover more than that.
Yeah lol Roger is one of the best characters ever created for TV. Let's hope he returns to his bitchy brilliance :)
p.s. AD has always been, and will always be, better than FG. There is no competition. It has all the genius of FG, but without the reliance on cutaway scenes and irritating humour. Plus, Stan Smith is more loveable and funnier than Peter Griffin (who is basically Homer Simpson cranked up to 11, to cater for the needs of a loud, lowbrow audience).South Park, American Dad, Futurama, The Simpsons > FG

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Oct 15, 2008 8:17AM EDT

well, i have to disagree with you DeadRevel.i think family guy is better than american dad, i love the cutaway scenes, this is why i watch family guy ^^
in my opinion it's like this:
family guy -> american dad -> south park -> futurama -> an atomic explosion -> ......... -> ......... -> the simpsons ;)

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Oct 16, 2008 12:12PM EDT

haha fair enough. I just think it takes more skill to incorporate a joke into the storyline, instead of the random-joke-generator of Family Guy. But hey, if you like cutaways, try the original English version and watch "Spaced". It's a cult sitcom that inspired the cutaways of Scrubs and FG, and also influenced Trey Parker & Matt Stone of South Park.
Can't believe you rate The Simpsons so poorly though! It's like the old granddad who fought a war for you, and the new generation of family dads and american guys just don't appreciate him! You wouldn't be here without him! Even though he gets grumpy and repeats himself, we still love him... :)

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Oct 16, 2008 12:39PM EDT

hehe, nice comparison :)
well, i an't say i completely hate the simpsons, i just think the most recent episodes can't compete with other series and that's why i stopped watching it. but you're right, i used to be real good ;)and thanks for the advice with "spaced", i think i'm going to try it :)

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Dec 8, 2008 2:22PM EST

i dont know about the rest of you but i started watchign family guy years ago in the first season and by now the old episodes are stale, the new ones have the same annoying quality and every new episode even if it has some laughs always disapoints me. ive come to realise that family guy is the lowest of the low for all cartoons. its not like im a big simpsons fan, or south park fan but i CANNOT watch family guy, american dad is twice as good on a bad day.

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