Review: ROYAL PAINS Season 2, episode 9 "Frenemies"

I hate Emily Peck! She's evil, manipulative, and considers life a competition. No, she's not a politician, she's a Dr. Currently, she's the rival concierge Dr in the Hamptons- and she's using sex to confuse Hank while stealing patients. Here are some examples from this week's episode:

Hank is called to check on a young boy who's reeling from his parents' divorce. Who might his parents be? Well, Dr Blair (Marcia Gay Harden) from Hampton Heritage's ER, of course. Bad publicity for the Community Clinic - which is now being run and funded by HankMed and Jill- leads to many discussions of how long the Community Clinic will last.

While Hank's dealing with the boy's illness that comes and goes... and seems to be caused by stress, Evan gets to meet Paige's parents. (Remember, he's her Faux Beau but actually likes her and hopes to make it something more serious.) The medical stuff in the episode was kind of boring- the kid has Carbon poisoning, but he'll be fine- and the Community Clinic's drama was lame and uneventful, but Dr Peck's "in-your-face" attitude seem to be distracting the writers from quality television.

I did enjoy watching Evan with a quality girl, and one that he cares about. While on a family hunting (its like a family outing... only you hunt) Paige's father accidentally shoots Evan in the rear, which must be reported. To protect Paige's family from the bad press, Evan claims that his gun slipped and he shot himself.* The things people do for love. * By the end of the episode, Paige comes around and asks Evan out on a date- a real date!

The medical show has gone from McGyver (when Hank uses what ever's around to save people), to House (when Hank has to discover the mystery illness), to Grey's Anatomy (where everyone's hooking up with everyone and no actual Medicine is being practiced.) C'mon USA- drop Emily Peck and start saving lives again.


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Aug 28, 2010 6:15PM EDT

i agree with you on just about everything you said but theres something you're forgetting in the real world everyone is like emily peck. when you're in a field of business where you want to be at the top but you have competition anyone in their right mind would fight and yes do some pretty sleazy things to get what they want. Overall shes a good doctor and that shouldnt be dismissed.Although she might have a hidden agenda by sleeping with Hank i think they both manage to keep theyre personal and professional lives in check.I wouldnt mind emily staying around for a while maybe as part of the team like Divya suggested (even though based on the latest episode that might not be happening anymore). Im not saying that Emily should be a permanent but having her pop up once in a while wouldnt be a bad thing even after her and hank eventually stop sleeping together.

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