Leverage Review- The Boost Job S3E8

Bill Engvall Guest Stars as Duke Penzer, a crooked racecar driver, in the latest enSTALLment of TNT's Leverage- get it? Stall... like a car.- The episode starts with a man driving a stolen car in a police chase, but he thinks the car he's driving belongs to him. Eager to right a wrong, Nate and the team head to New Hampshire to take down the man selling stolen cars.

Nate and Sophie pull in the mark, Duke Penzer, by competing with his business. But first Nate schools him on the track (with a little assistance from Hardison's electronic gun that stalls cars) and wins Duke's pink slip. After acquiring his car, Nate and Sophie begin to take Duke's customers as well.

The con is this: Nate disrespects Sophie, which lets Duke attract her to his side. She tells him that Nate's getting a new shipment of stolen goods the next morning at the docks. When Duke's car-thieves try to steal Nate's shipment, the cops arrive and find them all red-handed.

In order for the con to work, Parker and Hardison have to impress the ring of car-jackers, led by Lefty. And how do they go about getting Lefty's attention? By stealing his car of course!

Once everyone is in position, the plan is set.

Everything is going smoothly until Parker begins to feel a connection to, Shorty, the young girl working with the car-jackers. She warns her to stay away form the chop shop, only Shorty decides tell Duke and Lefty that something's not right.

I’m not going to tell you how the gang gets out of this one- mostly because it was pretty obvious. The truth is, I like this show, but this episode was too simple. Either I’m becoming a smarter criminal for watching this show, or (and this is more likely) the writers are getting tired. I mean, how many times can these people start a con, get caught, and then perform a second con to get out of trouble? Then again, why is it that ALL of their cons have a hic-up or two? They never get through a con from start to finish without a curve ball.


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