Review: Covert Affairs- Season1 Episode9 "Fool In the Rain"

Joan gives Annie a few days off, so she and her sister head to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side). Of course as soon as she's settling into her free time, Annie is asked to meet an Iranian man who may have valuable information. Truth is, he's trying to get into the US to meet his long lost love... but that's not what's interested about this episode.

Remember, how last time we learned nothing new: Ben Mercer was a CIA agent who went rogue and Annie was brought into the company to draw him out. Sound familiar? Well, this time we get a new piece of evidence- Jai Wilcox was in Sri Lanka during her whirlwind affair!!! Jai Wilcox was meeting with Ben!!! ... and thats it. Again, this show is moving slowly, as though the Ben plot line is all they got and they're dragging it out as long as possible.

Previews for next weeks Finale shows Annie teaming up with Ben- redeem yourself USA Network!- answer the questions so we can move on!

Auggie had some great scenes in this episode, though. He stood in his apartment with his shirt off... I guess he had some dialogue.... but I couldn't hear him over those abs! Peter Gallhager's Arthur Campbell was back (his eyebrows also made an appearance), and he made progress with the mole situation (now that's an interesting plot line): after discovering that Auggie is sleeping with the reporter, Liza Hearn (played by the super sexy Emmanuelle Vaugier), Campbell reluctantly permits Auggie's unauthorized op to continue. Auggie was told to give her fake information- that only 17 people knew to be fake- and have her follow the lead. Would she find out that the info was fake, the mole would now be narrowed down to 17 people! BRILLIANT!

Why couldn't the whole show be written by the people in charge of the "CIA leak" story line?!


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