Leverage Review- The King George Job S3E12

Its nice to see the team working together again, after last weeks exciting Rashomon Job, which reminded us why Five heads are better than One. The King George Job opens on almost a tear-jerking story: Nate and the team wait at the customs gate for a smuggler, only to discover he's using innocent little girls to traffic artifacts. The bad guy is, none other than James Frain, yes Franklin from True Blood. This week we're in London where Sophie reunites with her alter-ego Charlotte, a douchess, and Hartison "hacks history" by creating a beautiful forgery of King George's wife's diary.

In the end, the team saves the little girl from Customs lockup, returning her to her family, and head off to their next adventure and to find Damien Moreau.

I really enjoy episodes where the team's previous characters return, (like Sophie's "Duchess Charlotte" in this episode or the FBI agents the Parker and Hardison play in previous episodes). This confirms the shows writers understanding that when you place con-artists/thieves in the same locations they will be recognized as who they were before. I also appreciated seeing the bad guy "outsmarting" them- for one knowing that Nate was a liar, early on in the episode, and again when he tells Sophie that he doesn't want her help acquiring his royal title. The show gets really redundant when the bad guys always follows their plan without questioning. They're supposed to be bad guys, why wouldn't they be a bit smarter and realize they're being played.

As for Frain's acting, every time he smelled something I couldn't help by remember his creepy portrayal of Franklin. Luckily the team uncreepified (yes, thats now a word) the artifact smelling when Sophie explained what it all meant- leading the team to smell, touch and even taste the statue. Sophie's archeology of a criminal was really fascinating, especially when you watch as much television revolving around crime as I do.

Cant wait for next week, but I'm sad that the season's almost over. What are your hopes for the season Finale?

Just like this episode, season had great Guest appearances- who do you want to stop by the Leverage gang?


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