Covert Affairs, South Bound Suarez S1, E3

Like most viewers, I was worried that Covert Affairs, USA Network's new original series, would rely on ABC's Alias for inspiration. Luckily, the creators (Doug Liman of the Bourne Trilogy, and Dave Bartis of the OC) blended their skills to create a whole new Female CIA Agent. Piper Perabo's Annie Walker is smart and strong, but naive. Pulled prematurely from CIA training, Annie isn't an ideal spy... yet.

Audiences have made it to episode three, which sends Annie to Caracas, Venezuela- her first international operation. This episode, South Bound Suarez, starts at Georgetown University where Annie is playing soccer and flirting with a 20 year old named Diego- suddenly, in Spanish, she springs on him all the facts she's got about his sister, Julia, who still lives in Caracas. Annie tells Diego that his sister, who works in a bank, is helping her lover, Victor (a powerful, and evil man) funnel money into Cayman accounts. To make matters worse, the Cayman accounts are sponsoring Hamas Terrorist groups. (and now we understand why the CIA was getting involved in the first place.)

Taking Diego to Venezuela, Annie convinces the reluctant Julia to leave her home and start a better life in the US with her brother- only Julia has some trouble letting go of Victor (and the OTHER laundered money that has been used to fund clinics and educational programs in Caracas.)

How could this episode possibly end?? Shock: Annie saves the day (even after getting shot), Diego goes back to school to achieve his dream of becoming a Dr, and Julia realizes that Victor is an evil man... after he tries to kill her.

Sadly, the episode lacked an update on Ben (Annie's mysterious lover from Srilanka) as well as Peter Gallagher's eyebrows.... I mean, character, Arther Campbell.


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