Review: Covert Affairs- Season 1 Episode 8 "What Is and What Never Should Be"

Its one of those "lets start at the end and then explain how we go there" episodes. Ben finally makes contact with Annie- two years after disappearing on her in Sri Lanka. He explains very little, and then has to balls to ask Annie for a favor. Naively (in my opinion) she does what he asks- which gets her arrested. Joan, pretending to be her legal representative arrives, only to threaten her into coming clean about Ben. After eight episodes Ben approaches Annie, only to confirm what the audience already knew. And then the CIA decides to continue using Annie as bait to get to Ben. So, nothing's changed... This show is taking its time with plot progression.

It was a boring/disappointing episode all together. At least Annie got to see Ben again, I guess that's something.

As I caught up on episodes this evening I couldn't help but notice (because its shoved in your face) the product placement this show uses. Bud Light is a great example. The label was focused upon in two episodes.

It seems the season is coming to an end. With a couple more episodes left, I can state without hesitation that "nothing has happened" in season one. Truth is, I liked this show, and I wanted to see it succeed. It seems, that now I understand how the USA Network is viewing Covert Affairs: an income. Take a few actors who aren't too big (ie expensive) and rewrite Alias with a simpler plot. Allow the sponsors to infiltrate the set with their products and voila: you've got a money maker!


You hear me USA Network? you've got two more chances to redeem yourselves. Get on that!

What are your thoughts?


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Sep 1, 2010 7:10PM EDT

I really wanted to like this show also. It has a good premise and I think Piper Perabo is a good actress. However, as you said, it really hasn't progressed at all this season. I found the Auggie episode borderline ridiculous. Hopefully the writers can pick up the pace and finish strong.On the bright side it did make me watch Alias which I somehow missed and that was amazing. (At least the first three seasons were anyway, then it got pretty out there.)

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