Leverage Review- The Morning After Job S3E13

Prior to watching the episode I was trying to guess how the writers would entice us, keeping our interest until the next season: they've already split up the team..... they've put members in jail.... now what?

I was hesitant to write a review about the Season Finale of Leverage- but soon I realized I'm not the only one confused about, 1. who is Moreau and 2. why is the team looking for him? I feel as though I missed half the season ('cause he hasn't been mentioned between the premier and the last few episodes). Putting that aside this episode was fun to watch!

The team goes after a former hockey player, Vector, who is now conning his fans to invest large sums of money in fake stocks. This episode had everyone overlapping positions- Parker seduces the target and then plays a "dead hooker", Hardison gets a cop car, and steals a much needed file from the DA, Nate uses Vector's phone to unlock the code sequence- Its like the more time they spend together the better their criminal skills get.... which is a good thing for this show.

The whole episode plays smoothly and then we're reminded of Moreau- Nate's Italian blackmailer appears, and Nate tells her off, informing her that his team will going after Moreau to stop a bad man and not because she's threatening him. This pleases her, because now her "hands are clean" in the matter. That's the big cliff-hanger ending- they're walking into a trap. I feel let down, they can conclude this problem in one episode: the Season 4 Premier (whenever that may be). Its weak.

Yet most importantly, why was Eliot so angry this episode? Actually, he's been kinda cranky with Hardison in many episodes... what's that about??


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