Lie To Me Review- Darkness & Light, S02E21

I love the way Cal put it, within the first five minutes. The plot of this week's episode: "missing girl, turns up in the porn trade". So now that I got the plot out of the way, I can tell you how good this episode was. I'm a big fan of shows like Law & Order SVU, so I like interesting, twisted plot lines- a girl who may have run away to join the porn industry? That kind of story fascinates me. Even more intriguing is that as Cal and his team are solving this mystery, Cal's daughter, Emily, is during a paper about her father's work- so she's on scene and taking notes.

Cal and Foster find Molly, the missing girl, and take her back to Cal's. Emily reassures her that she's in a safe place and so she tells them why she ran away "My dad killed my mother." OMG- I didn't see that coming! The writers really know how to surprise their audience. I always like this show, but it seems that with every episode my fondness grows.

Well, in the end we learn that it was Molly who really killed her mother (accidentally) but instead of freaking her out with the guilt, they tell her that it was her little sister's mistake that caused her mother's death.

As this season progressed we watched Cal and Foster's coy romance progress- this episode started with them making out and talking about their sexual fantasies. Can they please just hook up already?!?!

In other hook up news, Torres and Loker do it in this episode... and then Loker gets promoted, which I guess ruins the mood.Can we say awkward?

Season Finale in Two Weeks and I just cant wait!!!


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