HUGE Review- Season 1 Episode 10 Parent's Weekend, Part 2

We are thrown back into Parent's Weekend at Camp Victory, and here's what we've learned from Part one: 1. Will's parents, who didn't visit during the weekend, happen to be wealthy because they own CORE (a dieting system, or "lifestyle". 2. Becca's grandmother visited for Parent's weekend in the previous year, but has passed since then. 3. Ian's parents announce their divorce. 4. Dr Rand revealed to the campers that Chloe and Alistair are twins, and that the cook his her father (who then responded with his infamous "No Seconds" statement.) Most interesting of the visitors is Amber's mother- I've decided that she's an alcoholic.

In both parts we learn more and more about Dr Rand's relationship with her father, which I really appreciated. The show was focused on the campers, as it should be, but threw in an odd camp director and took its time to explain why she's so not friendly. She's not a lovable character. But as the episodes continued, so did our understanding for her.

The best part of the episode, and of course the most pivotal moment, has Trent, Ian and Will jam for their parents- finally relaxing and somehow making all the problems go away...

Just as the parents are leaving, Amber's mother flirts with Ian's dad, which sends her running with him following. Ian tells Amber that he has a crush on her and they kiss. All I could think was, "what?!?!?!?! She'll kiss anyone!!" It seems Amber's mother has really messed her up. So much so, she'll take the attention from any man offering- which is a possibility, but doubtful because she'd be vying for male attention rather than shying away all the time. Then again, I must remind myself of the channel from which this show airs. ABC Family is all about messed up adolescence.

We close on Dr Rand talking to Will, letting her know that she didn't get away with stealing brownies... yet not getting kicked out of camp. This show is starting to make less and less sense: Will can break almost all the camp rules and its like they refuse to kick her out. I have a feeling that her parents paid a large sum of money to insure that they keep her no matter what she does...


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