Melissa & Joey Review- 01:05 The Perfect Storm

ABC Family's Melissa & Joey keep trudging along as Mel's father, Senator Burke (Christopher Rich from Reba), visits. His timing couldn't be worse as Lennox is failing Chemistry and is under house arrest ("even Lindsay got Sushi"). Mel tries to be a Hard Ass, but must run and leaves Joe in charge as Deputy Hard Ass only to have the Senator seduce him into releasing Lennox for an hour. That hour turns into four and Lennox plans her move to live in DC with her grandfather.

Joe and Mel have to team up to convince Lennox to stay... by convincing her to go. Once Lennox learns that her grandfather has plans for her to marry and be "arm candy", Lennox decides to stay with Mel and get an education.

Continuing in an almost pro-feminism-type fashion, Melissa & Joey is becoming more and more a serious show about values and family togetherness. With every new episode they are overcoming new challenges- its like the episode of Family Matters that dealt with guns, or the episode of Full House that dealt with smoking cigarettes, or the episode of My Wife and Kids that dealt with Colon Cancer- they're drifting away from the funny and trying to give us a Public Service Announcement in a 30 minute window.

They should've just opted for an hour long drama that has a ton of jokes, but nooo they had to film in front of a live studio audience (yeah, each episode starts with that being said, LOL). When are they going to notice the boy in the house? Ryder is just as much a character as Lennox, but he's only around for the dumb one-liners.

Is the show getting too serious, or are they just feeling out their fan base? Will Ryder become a more important character? And can Joey and Melissa just hump already!?!?!


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Sep 8, 2010 1:03AM EDT

Wow, the more I watch this show, the more I like it. It keeps getting better and better!

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