HUGE Review- Season 1, Episode 6: Spirit Quest

We open on a church scene (reminding me that the show is on ABC Family channel which focuses on family values). Ian and Will watch the campers pray from outside, reminding us that Ian is Jewish. Will questions the idea of services during Camp only to be propagandized by Ian. (Note: Will is played by Nikki Blonsky- yes, she's Jewish)

Within the first minutes of the episode, my suspicions from last week were confirmed: I was not going crazy- Trent really does want to spend more time with Ian...

So we're less than 4 minutes in and I'm already enjoying this episode better than the last. Then more good news: Shay (the psycho athletic coach) isn't in this weeks episode, again.

So, Dr Rand asks George to lead the Spirit Quest ["To help them see themselves differently, to force them out of their comfort zone."], in Shay's absence, either because she trusts him more than Poppy (which is how Poopy's seeing things) or because he's part Native American.

Their hike begins with Shay's carefully detailed, 13 page, instructions falling into a creek- "its a sign" claims Poppy, but George is frustrated with himself and worried that he's letting Dr Rand down. After more hiking its time to set up tents, in an attempt open their eyes to new things, Poppy assigns the tent buddies, which inevitably pairs Chloe with Becca, and Amber with Will. We see a flashback to the previous year when Chloe wasn't as popular and was friends with Becca, confirming Becca's statements in previous episodes that Chloe wasn't always a bitch.

Tensions build when Poppy tries to help the campers experience something meaningful, which George takes as an attack on his leadership skills. Tent buddies Allistair and Trent search for fire wood, but in reality Trent searches for hallucinogenic mushrooms. Allistair hands him a mushroom from the cooler and tells him to take it. While believing that he's stoned, Trent asks Allistair about his weird habits, finally Allistair tells someone that he's Chloe's twin brother, and for the first time in 6 episode he actually holds an interesting conversation.

Amber and Will get lost in the woods, and then some Real Hallucinations begin. George searches for the girls, "prays" to his dead grandfather's spirit for guidance, and Will see's a "sign" on a milk carton in a dumpster. Amber heads back into the woods while Will waits for someone to save her... all leading up to the moment we've all been waiting for: AMBER AND GEORGE KISS!

Elsewhere, Dr Rand and Joe the Cook have a bonding moment while filling salt shakers with Snalt- a salt substitute.... or "Snubstitute" as Joe puts it. While helping Wayne build the fence, Joe mentions that "if at first you dont succeed, try, try again." Taking his advice, Dr Rand goes on her own Spirit Quest, outside her comfort zone, on a date with Wayne.

Alright ABC Family. I've got some bones to pick with you!

1. The director of a Camp is not going to take a night off for a date- Its not going to happen during the camp session.

2. The councler Shay, although not in this episode, is not helpful at a weight loss camp. When youth are trying to work out and get healthy, the last thing they want is an annoying skinny woman yelling at them that they're maggots. They need encouragement and support.

3. Way to take the possibility of a cool "connecting with nature" themed episode and turn it into praying. Can't leave god out of one episode?

And finally a correction: The man who checked the property line/ has the hots for Dr Rand is named Wayne, not Hank.


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