S1, Episode 5: "Movie Night" on ABC Family's HUGE

HUGE tells the story of Will Rader a large girl sent to Camp Victory (a weight-loss camp) even though she loves her fat, "her fat's her BFF" (the best sentence ever spoken on this show).

During episode 5, "Movie Night" (guess what happens in that episode), Dr Rand passes out ballots for some films that (almost) no one wants to watch. While waiting for the votes to be tallied, Dr Rand checks in on Hank, who is building the fence to separate the Fat Kids from the Tennis Camp. He lends her a copy of Phantasma (a Twilight-esque film) and finally we see Dr Rand smile... I was getting a bit worried.

Prior to the movie-watching-event: the staff is warned about "sleeping bags" and the behavior they can lead to. LOL

So, last time on HUGE Ian played a song he wrote using lyrics he found in someone's journal. We, the audience, know that this journal belongs to Will. As Ian rocked out during the Talent Show, Will fled the scene in humiliation, believing that Ian read her entire journal- I'm assuming that she wrote about her feelings for him, and/or jealousy of Amber- This episode starts with Will ignoring Ian, and his attempts to collaborate musically with her.

Chloe, whom I dislike more and more with each passing episode, battles her own demons: is Trent her boyfriend? are they officially going steady? Who cares about Chloe? This week we learn that she may or may not have had sex with some older boy at Camp Victory last year during Movie Night. (which is why the camp staff fears sleeping bags.) Apparently, he was popular and whatever happened between them put her with the "In" crowd. - I think I might be a bit old for the show's demographic, because these kinds of sub-plot (sex for popularity) are not interesting. They're really childish... o wait, I'm watching a show on ABC family. My bad.

Back to the drama: Amber finally returns George's hoodie, they talk metaphorically about romance, and then he hands her a flower, a Forget-Me-Not. *sigh* romance. No longer sleeping in the hoodie, she sleeps with the flower cupped in her hands.

I may be losing interest in the show because I'm not 15. Also, this week didn't have much about the relationship between Dr Rand and her father- what happened there? and why cant she tell her mom? More importantly, did Dr Rand used to be fat?- remember in episode 2 the whole "I dont eat after dinner" and then she ate the cupcake or muffin or whatever?? What's that about?!?

Best things about this episode? The annoying, crazy workout lady, Shay, wasn't around.

Cant wait for more: I want to see Amber and George finally kiss... but more importantly, Ian's got to realize that he and Will are perfect for each other. *sigh* Maybe I am 15 years old.


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