Melissa & Joey Review- 01:04 Boy Toys 'R' Us

After making a HORRIBLE made-for-tv movie together, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence decided to continue making ABC Family "comedies" together. This show is basically "Raising Helen (2004)" meets "Who's the Boss?" - Lets get one thing straight, I'm not complaining about Joey Lawrence back on television (YUM), but its really weird to have Sabrina, the Teenage Witch pick up a box of "personal items" (vibrators) in her closet...

The episode's focus was about dating Bad Boys, and Mel being able to lead by example for her niece Lennox. In true Sitcom fashion, Mel played her "do as I say, not as I do" card and things backfired. Then Joe gave parenting advice (because somehow he knows what he's talking about?) and they became even closer.

I think the difference between this show and the original (Who's The Boss?) is that in 2010 on a cable network they can make more suggestive jokes- and not have to use difficult euphemisms. For example, Mel tries to break up with her Bad Boy and we cut to her in bed with him. Thats the kind of scene we wouldn't usually see with the female characters. I'm glad to see ABC Family become more liberal in the ways of woman's equality.

Now some witty lines from the episode:

"Suddenly my C in Spanish doesn't look so bad. (waves goodbye) Zappatos."

"Bad Boys bad, virginity good"

"I totally get it up here (points to head), but its taking a while to make its way down..."

Its a dumb sitcom, but I dont expect much from it, so I'm not disappointed when it doesn't deliver. This week was cute. I hope it stays light and fun. How do you feel about watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch talk about vibrators? Is it weird to see teen-stars all grown up?


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