Covert Affairs Review- 1.4 "No Quarter"

Its the episode I've been waiting for!!

Annie flies into the Zurich airport and identifies her Contact by his silver briefcase, bright orange "livestrong" style bracelet, and he's talking on his cell phone... but then she sees someone else with the exact same markers. She stands there looking puzzled when the first "contact" puts down his briefcase- I'm guessing she was supposed to put hers down, and they'd switch- instead a smoke bomb is flung into the airport. More confusion insues when the "contact" tries to take Annie's briefcase, which is still firmly in her possession. His briefcase, left unattended, explodes. Everyone scatters, including Annie.

*exhale* and the opening credits role. Take a second to prepare for an action packed episode!

After the commercial break (I mean, if you're not watching here on SideReel) we're quickly sent back to the bureaucracy and the CIA leak- Annie's compromised mission leads Arther to believe the leak is in Joan's DPD. (We're almost on to you leak!)

Annie, after hiding her package, finds someone to get her to the safe house, only to be introduced to a Mossad Agent, Eyal Levine (played by Oded Fehr- the sexy Israeli action star!!). He was the second "contact" that she saw in the airport- so now she's questioning everything. Who can she trust? In the true Bourne Identity style, the episode gives the viewers a ton more information, but leaving out vital pieces as to keep us completely lost.

It seems that the fake contact, (the one who blew up the original briefcase) was a rogue Mossad agent. Eyal and Annie run around Zurich trying to perform their switch while avoiding the bad guys and the Zurich police.

Back at Langly, everyone in the DPD is being polygraphed- which pisses off Auggie because he'd rather be trying to get Annie home safely. In the final showdown, Eyal being Mossad, takes out the bad guys and finally switched briefcases with Annie. (Don't worry, CIA, the audience doesn't know what is in them. We're not read in.)

Back at the airport, CIA and Mossad go their separate ways. Yet the most important question is left unanswered... the episode title- what? any thoughts? Did I miss something?

A kickass episode, but I was looking for a cliff hanger. It seems that Oded Fehr was planned for just this one episode... sad face. I hoped to see more of him. (He should get his own show.) The pro-Israel propaganda was a bit excessive (the beaches, the Mossad men and their packages, etc) but then again, if you'd been there as many times as I have, you'd be happy that at least their spouting the truth.

And I must say, it was nice to hear Hebrew spoken properly... No offense NCIS (my favorite show), but why didn't ask Oded to come over to CBS and help with pronunciation!?

Next week also looks good, I guess we're still working on finding the mole. Who is leaking intel. to the press?!?!

Fun Fact: Eyal keeps calling Annie "Neshama". This is a pet name, that in hebrew means soul. It is often said to call someone close to you "Neshama Shel-lee", or my soul.


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Aug 8, 2010 2:13AM EDT

Great review, Yael. I covered much of the same ground in my blog here: including mentioning the excellent Hebrew compared to NCIS.
I'd love to get your feedback. Cheers.

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