Better than the British Version?

Sounds nuts I know. I'm English and I can still remember watching the Office for the first time back in 2001. I caught it late on BBC2 and because no one had heard of it, at first I thought it was a documentary (duh!). I love it and one of Gervais' best moves was killing it off before it got unpopular. The American version somehow manages to keep going and it works great - 26 episodes a season is nuts, UK comedy is normally 6-10 - although I haven't seen season 4, I have to admit that I can't see it working if Pam and Jim are now together. The Office (both versions) was not really about Brent/Scott, Gareth/Dwight etc. The whole show is a back drop for Pam and Jim's' romance, so if they are together it loses pace etc. But anyway: UK vs US? I have to admit that Carrell is amazing and is a far more like able guy than Brent. The US characters are better developed (the temp, accounts team etc) whereas the UK version doesn't create a 'team', it has a four man core. The US version is warmer too. I love American comedy/drama anyway, they have the best script writers in the world and it is seamless. Also another reason why I prefer the American one is simply because when I think of the office the first thing that pops in my head is: 'Ryan started the fire!'

nuff said.


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