I saw everyone writing how this show is so great so I decided to try and watch it.

I fired up the Season 1, Episode 1 (33) and.... well its strange... I dont understand at all wtf is going on in that show... I felt like I started watching in the middle of the season... the ep started with 'previously on Battle Star Galatica', which already got me confused, isnt this supposed to be season ONE episode ONE? (pilot or smth?), but the episode started like its from the middle of a season and has been going on for ages. Random heroes with random problems, 2 people in some building talking something about returning to earth. After that some guys in some kind of plane/helicopter that explodes in a sec, and after that some guys in space talking to the president about hell knows what... middle of the action... dont know what the hell is going on there.. :/ I stopped watching the series after the first (if that is really the first) episode :(


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Jan 23, 2010 8:42PM EST

yeah yeah i had the same problem as you. completely confused.
however i found this:
there is a 3 and a half hour or so miniseries that is the beginning before episode 1.hope this helps!

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