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Star Trek Fans Help Me Please!

Hey guys, I need your help. I'd like to watch Star Trek, like from the begginning, with the proper chronological order, but there is so many of the varations that I'm confused and I don't know where should I start so I watch it from the beggening.

Can the star trek fans help me out and maybe give me a list of tv-shows/movies I should watch one by one, from which Star Trek to start etc?

Thanks :D


| 09:47 EDT, 08 Jun, 2009
thanks a load guys!
| 22:40 EDT, 31 May, 2009
for everything Star Trek. 8)
| 20:54 EDT, 31 May, 2009
if you want to find out the exact dates to get the best precise info, you should go to and search for star trek. They have a table with all the series and movies in order
| 15:58 EDT, 31 May, 2009
Well, I haven't a clue about the movies, especially those from the 60's, but here are the tv shows in order: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.As I recall, the last two seasons of TNG overlap with the first two of DS9, and Voyager starts once TNG ends, overlapping DS9 almost the whole show. And technically Enterprise takes place even before TOS, but I would watch them in the order I listed.Hope that helps.

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