You Can Go Either Way With This One...

OK, there will be a few spoilers in this review...

With almost all Lucas films, if you're willing to buy into what story Lucas puts in front of your eyes, then you would most likely like this film....For the Indy loving, UFO believing people out there it looks like Lucas/Spielberg just answered your long awaited prayers...

Now lets put it all together...If you're such a loyal Indy fan and are willing to accept the whole alien driven storyline ok you'll probably like the movie...

Now for my 2cents of opinion...I for one can't buy into the story...For me anyway, probably the biggest selling point to all the previous Indiana Jones films is the possibility that some of this stuff might be true...maybe its because i grew up in a religious (God believing) family that i'm more fascinated by the ark, sankara stones, and grail than i am with aliens that have crystal skeletons...'cmon logically, there is more proof of earthly religions influencing people than aliens having taken part in human civilization... case in point, i'm more willing to believe in Transformers than this crap (sarcasm) least i knew what i was getting into when i saw transformers...i mean in the end when everything falls apart and unearths a spaceship?? wtf?? after that scene i wouldn't be surprised if Indy and his new found son Shia were to break out lightsabers and fly away in a star destroyer...hmm, maybe Lucas and Spielberg have given up on Judaism and converted to Scientology...Ouch!!


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May 28, 2008 12:58PM EDT

I love your last comment. Scientology! LMAO!

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