Episode Recap: "Villains"

With all the hubbub floating around about Heroes right now, the show is at a very pivotal turning point. How fitting, then, that tonight's opening was about that pivotal moment when a choice is made that forever changes one's course. In the episode, that choice that shapes the soul, Mohinder reminds us, is the one that discerns between darkness and light, good and evil and heroism and villainy. But though that's what the show promised on the outset, that's not exactly what we got. But we did get a rather awesome episode, in my mind. Let's dig in.

I groaned when I remembered (it feels like months passed in the last two weeks) that this episode was a flashback, as time travel has become one of the more convoluted aspects of the show. Particulary knowing Hiro's desire to change the past, I thought based on Mohinder's monologue that Hiro would be finding that "moment" and going back to stop it. (And he might still). Instead, we got pretty much straight flashback with no interruption from the future. As an added bonus, almost every story line featured shots we saw in Season 1, as the stories from 18 months and a year ago overlapped with what was going on when we first met these characters. Let's take each story on its own.

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