The Up and Down Thoughts of Hancock

Release Date: July 2

The Gist: Will Smith is Hancock, a superhero who has seen better days. He's not the public superstar he once was, and has turned to booze and womanizing to dull the pain. While trying to regain some of his prior glory, Hancock must deal with his personal demons, which include having an affair with a married woman (Charlize Theron).

Why it might be great: Peter Berg is writing/directing. Previous works like Friday Night Lights prove he's capable of taking a unique look on a common topic with great results. The story of Hancock is not based on any comic or previous story, though the idea of a superhero dealing with realistic personal demons rings of Watchmen. Whether or not the film is heavily dramatic or comedic, Will Smith has shown enough range in the past to cover both. The unique story could provide a refreshing look at the life of superheroes that is missing from most other movies in the genre. Just because someone has a heroic job doesn't mean they are a good person, and like with Iron Man, a serious look at the differential could be a nice change.

Why it might be terrible: This could very easily be the next My Super Ex-Girlfriend with the genders reversed. Smith can have his funny moments, but an over-reliance on it could turn this into an amalgamation of Men in Black and Hitch. The original story could also hurt the film, as there's no major fan base to guarantee opening weekend numbers or word-of-mouth buzz. These things won't affect the quality of the film of course, but could still hinder its success.

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