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I have just come out of a screening of Wall.E and - well, move over, Son of Rambow. We all know how superlative Pixar are and yet somehow they raise the bar every time. They have created another charming, touching, funny and beautiful film that is both timely and an instant classic. I don't know how they do it but I just hope they carry right on. Wall.E is a strong contender for film of the year so far and will do massive business. Oh, and there's the usual great little short at the beginning too -- not as superb as Lifted, but close.

About as far from Wall.E as you can imagine, and as depressing as that film was uplifting, comes Savage Grace, the sordid tale of Barbara Daly Baekeland (Moore) and her decadent, dysfunctional life and death. (Note to filmmakers: just because a story is true, doesn't necessarily make it interesting.) Anyway, Barbara is a middle class beauty who manages to get her hooks into Brooks Baekeland (Dillane), dilettante heir to the Bakelite fortune. The toast of New York, Brooks and Barbara have nothing in common, and their marriage is a lot like torture: Brooks is embarrassed by Barbara's social climbing, and treats her with disdain; in return she cheats on him publicly. Nonetheless they manage to produce a child, the longed-for heir, Tony (Redmayne), and set off for Europe (its never really explained why).

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Savage Grace Movie Review


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