Superman Returns: Voted for having one of the six dumbest doomsday devices in a Superhero movie.

Because you demanded it: A superhero movie in which the thrilling climax pits our hero in a battle to the death against...a land mass! We're not sure where in the DC Multiverse Bryan Singer's film is supposed to take place, but it must be on some Earth without plate tectonics, because only on such an Elseworld does Lex Luthor's plan to grow a continent from kryptonite shards, sea-monkey-style, and charge a fortune for real estate on it make any sense. Too much of a go-getter to wait around until the imploding housing market thwarts Luthor's nefarious scheme, Superman takes a break from his busy schedule of stalking Lois Lane and not throwing punches to hoist the entire island--which, need we remind you, is made of a substance lethal to Man of Steel even in small, jagged, Christ-imagery-inducing shards--into space, where it and the Superman film franchise remain to this day.

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The 6 Dumbest Doomsday Devices from Superhero Movies


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