'Baby Borrowers' couples don't want kids, all broke-up after filming

All of the teenagers participating in The Baby Borrowers decided against having children anytime soon and all five of the couples have also all broken up since the NBC reality series was filmed last summer, the show revealed during last night's finale broadcast.

Last night's The Baby Borrowers finale began with the five couples learning life lessons from the elderly as the culmination of the social experiment -- which over the course of three weeks saw the youth experience the various stages of parenthood.

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Baby Borrowers


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May 11, 2016 2:45PM EDT

Thanks a million for the SPOILER, zadler24. Next time can you please be mindful that others are still watching the series? It JUST ended this week for goodness sake! It's customary and polite not to include a spoiler in the comment title, nor on the first page where it is easilly seen. The sidereel ettiquette is that you warn people about the spoiler in the title (without giving away anything) and then include your news several lines down so people who don't want to see it, aren't forced to, but those who do can click on "More" to read it. Thanks.

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