X-Men: Voted for having one of the six dumbest doomsday devices in a Superhero movie.

Bryan Singer's first X-Men film is widely seen as the start of the modern wave of respectable superhero movies. (That's actually incorrect--Blade kicked them off, but that movie is largely ignored) And you know what? It's actually pretty good! Fine performances from two respected Shakespeareans, a more plausible look for the costumes that set the tone for all superhero outfits to follow, impressively imaginative and destructive fight scenes, a firm grasp on the "mutants as minorities" metaphor, an Aussie musical theater veteran riding a muttonchopped, claw-wielding Canadian mass murderer into overnight stardom...and then this, the perfect storm, the ne plus ultra of Dumb Doomsday Devices. See if you can follow me here: It's a machine...that uses magnetic force...provided by a mutant...who's draining it from another mutant...to alter people's genetic structure...and change them into mutants...which will subsequently kill them...and its target is a United Nations Ethnic Stereotype Summit...and it's mounted on the Statue of Liberty's torch. Homo superior...? Yeah Rite.

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The 6 Dumbest Doomsday Devices from Superhero Movies


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Jul 18, 2008 6:25PM EDT

there isnt that many popular superhero movies currently out there, so saying the top "6" is pretty high. I also don't agree with it being dumb, you just unneccessarily made it sound more complicated then it is, and thus being complicated somehow makes it dumb.
had to be pretty tough for magneto to create a machine that powerful though. i'd the say the only dumb part is if he really created that, he would've done it again and again no matter how many times he was defeated. To make it really work would solve the mutant problems, probably.

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