Episode Recap: "The One with the Cast of Night Court"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz's old Friend got very Friendly with Jack, while Kenneth coped with sartorial change by hanging with some (some!) of the cast from Night Court. Read on for the full recap!

Here she is, Ms. Jennifer Aniston, and she's playing an utter nut job from Liz Lemon's younger days. A sexy nut job, but make no mistake, someone who is crazy... like, "grab-a-cop's-gun crazy." (And we even saw proof of that.) I thought "Jen" (as the tabloids affectionately call her) looked sweet, but the role was juuuuust a bit much. Just a hair over-the-top.

So, Liz and Jenna's old pal, Claire, comes for a visit, and inside of 10 seconds she's "getting directions to the F train" from Jack (as they apparently say). Little does Jack know that "taking that ride" (if I may continue the metaphor) is going to cost him — and a lot more than the increased $3 fare they're talking about here in the New York City papers. Yeah, Claire is a staunch advocate for Cocoa Puffs, so much so that she earned the nickname "Crazy Putty" (or words to that effect?) back in the day.

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