On Bravo: The Gay Olympics

And by Gay Olympics, I'm obviously talking about Project Runway, which aired quite possibly its gayest episode ever in this week's drag-queen challenge, an attempt to urge the designers to go theatrical and over-the-top without risk of penalty. I was only disappointed that they didn't let guest judge RuPaul do an homage to Tim Gunn's "Make it work" by reprising her signature theme of "You better work ... Work it, girl!"

For the most part, the designers did work it. Although the annoying Blayne, who should have been bounced a week earlier for his hideous shorts outfit for Brooke Shields, worked my last nerve (and those of everyone around him) with his endless wannabe-cutesy efforts to coin that "-licious" catchphrase. It made Leanne want to "barf-licious," and caused another of the designers to bark, "Shut the hell up." My sentiments exactly. Sadly, his gay pterodactyl drag outfit, despite its droopy wings, landed in the middle of the pack, so he'll be around at least another week to send me reaching for the mute each time he's on screen.

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