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"Kings" will be set in a modern metropolis that's a sort of meta-New York City (think Gotham City but not as dark). City will be the center of a kingdom financed by a wealthy entrepreneur who's benefited from the constant state of war in the kingdom.

First-season plot will have a young solider catapulting to fame via a heroic act that pits him as a David vs. a much stronger Goliath. He'll ultimately end up running the kingdom.

"For me, it's a chance to do a contemporary retelling of a story that's very much part of our cultural DNA, and that's hopefully neither red state nor blue state," Green said.

He said that the pilot also has elements of "new blood taking over for old power," with his hero having elements of a young Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy.

"Somewhere in the back of my head, this has a little bit to do with the upcoming election," Green added.

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