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Why We're Embarrassed for 'Elle,' Anne Slowey, and 'Stylista'

In the few clips we saw (you can watch more here and here), it became immediately apparent that Stylista will be carefully constructed to mimic The Devil Wears Prada. Slowey's office vaguely looks like Meryl Streep's from the film, and when Slowey enters it, she carelessly flops her coats onto one of two assistant desks outside, just like in the movie. Her icy demeanor is blatantly imitative of Streep's in the film, and even the cruel intonation and (less entertaining) phrasing is similar. Which makes sense for producers who may want to cash in on the excitement people had for the movie. But the problem is, Meryl's character was based on Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman at the most powerful magazine in fashion. And Anne Slowey, for all her talents, is not the most powerful woman at a magazine that is not the most powerful one in fashion. For her to imitate Meryl-imitating-Anna feels embarrassing. It highlights in a painfully obvious way how desperately Elle wants to be Vogue. And it's uncomfortable.

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