Primeval Review, by Matt Roush of TV Guide

People love taking their science fiction seriously. (Just check out any report from the latest Comic-Con if you doubt it.) But there's also something refreshing about sci-fi shows that have little more than fun on their escapist minds.

BBC America's fanciful new creature-feature series Primeval and Sci Fi Channel's whimsical Eureka share a cheeky irreverence as they ground their mind-blowing misadventures in a modern world where the fantastic is commonplace. When Eureka's harried sheriff declares of humanity, "We so don't rule," it's a laugh line shrouded in a shudder.

In Primeval, fearsome prehistoric beasts and icky CGI creepy-crawlies invade today's London, squirming through shimmering crystal windows--"a door between time zones in the world's history," as the show's scientist hero Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) puts it. When he and his team leap through the prism-like anomalies, in which Cutter's wife vanished years earlier, they find primitive lands of ancient wonders and dangers.

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