Saving Grace: Season 2 Review, by David Hinckley of New York Daily News

This will be good news to people who enjoy watching train wrecks in which the engineer accelerates as the precipice nears, which is Grace's signature move.

The question is whether at some point the show will start applying the brakes to the most self-destructive TV cop since Andy Sipowicz started drinking again on "NYPD Blue."

On the one hand, Grace probably has to be reined in, because even if her game of Russian roulette is only figurative, eventually she will pull the trigger too many times.

On the other hand, Grace's reckless excess is the center post of the show.

A clean-and-sober Grace, living by society's rules in her private life and by the department's rule in her professional life, is a bit player in a Hallmark movie.

So that may be the real ongoing theme of "Saving Grace," season two -- whether Grace will start to clean up her act.

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Bad behavior is this cop's 'Saving Grace'


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