A Gunfighter's Pledge Review, by Brian Lowry of Variety

A revenge tale with (apologies to George Stevens) a touch of "Shane," "A Gunfighter's Pledge" features Perry as Sheriff Matt Austin, who seeks vengeance after an escaped fugitive (Kim Coates) and his buddy murder the lawman's wife and child. Austin's quest leads to the unfortunate death of an innocent rancher, who gaspingly extracts a pledge from the sheriff to help his widowed sister, Amaya (Jaclyn DeSantis), and her kid from being booted off the property.

The land-grabber pushing that plot is Lamar Horn (Howell), who rules the town with an iron fist. His bullying tactics inspire the sheriff's sympathy for Amaya, and as luck would have it, the hombre that Austin is after winds up there, too, conveniently recruited as muscle on Horn's behalf.

OK, so the "title holders trying to protect their land from a greedy tycoon/businessman/rancher ruthlessly bent on acquiring and solidifying control over the town/valley/frontier" is a reliable Western staple. But as directed by Armand Mastroianni (who just helmed Hallmark's wounded-bird miniseries "Final Approach") from Jim Byrnes' script, the pic lacks any pizzazz in its action sequences, and suffers from such wooden line readings that it's tempting to look for cue cards posted on the trees.

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