Dancing With the Stars Review, by Gillian Flynn of Entertainment Weekly

The success of ABC's Dancing With the Stars may complete our current cultural Mobius strip: Irony has now been embraced so completely, we've become downright earnest. It's quite possible to buy into Dancing only for its absurd lineup (Tatum O'Neal, Master P) -- and then, by week 3, to find yourself on tenterhooks, rooting for former 98 Degree-er Drew Lachey to pull off his tricky Thriller-themed paso doble. Which he did, inspiring one judge to proclaim it the best paso doble of every celebrity of every series I've ever seen! -- a category that would seem so exclusive as to be unworthy of mention.

Dancing is full of such breathless exclamations. Despite its Surreal Life setup -- 10 not-so-much-stars-as-why-don't-we-say-personalities are paired with professional dancers, with one couple eliminated each week -- Dancing's charm isn't as a celebrity freak show.

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Sep 30, 2008 7:49PM EDT

I am so angry that the "fans" of DWTS can call themselves fans of the show, but yet when they vote they don't vote based on the dancing skills. How is it that last week in the second elimination Ted McGinley was voted off? I love Cloris Leachman, don't get me wrong she's funny, but this is DANCING with the stars, she clearly can't dance, but yet these fans keep voting for her to be on the show. It shouldn't about who makes you smile, it should be about the DANCING, that's what they're on the show for right.. the dancing. It reminds me of when Sabrina Bryan got the lowest score and was eliminated. People call themselves "fans", ha you're not a fan of the dancing at all, you're just a fan of who's dancing on the show. It makes me not even want to watch the show, I am a fan, and I vote.. but it just disgusts me and frustrates me when you can keep someone who clearly can't dance on the show just because she's funny, and she's not really that funny, she's so rude but lots of people like rude funny. Ted shouldn't have left so soon, It makes me not want to watch the show tonight, if Leachman doesn't get eliminated tonight, I'm going to stop watching. There just wont be any point to watch, it's like when Sanjaya was kept on American Idol for as long as he was.

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