Greatest American Dog Review, by Linda Stasi of New York Post

A few years ago, in a quandary about what to give the Love Interest for his birthday, I happened upon the best gift ever: A week at Camp Gone To The Dogs. Now you might say, what the hell is that? And I might say you are definitely not a dog person.

But if you are a dog person, have I got a show for you. It's like dog camp but done as a reality show, "Greatest American Dog."

Twelve people and their dogs live together in a place called the "Canine Academy," which is a giant mansion equipped with top-of-the-line doggy everything. The contestants and their dogs comprise a whole range of types, from pedigrees to mutts (I mean the people, not the dogs), and from reasonable to insane. There are people who know that dogs come complete with clothing attached, and others who think dogs should shop at Saks and wear shoes. In fact, one contestant even says that she never takes her dog out without clothing because then she (the dog) would be naked. This is, of course, akin to the people who wheel their dogs around NYC in baby carriages. Hey - that's why God invented dog legs!

Anyway, like every other reality show, each week someone is eliminated after competing in challenges and meeting with the harsh criticisms of the judges. Unlike every other reality show, dogs also get the boot here. The last owner standing wins $250,000 and the dog wins the title of "Greatest American Dog." This alone should send every dog lover into a rage, because we all know we have the Greatest American Dog.

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Sep 10, 2008 9:43PM EDT

Really cute article, thanks!

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