I Survived a Japanese Game Show Review, by Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter

With ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show," we get the equivalent of a 45-second YouTube video stretched to an hour, week after painful week.

It's rather like a "Saturday Night Live" skit that should have stayed a skit and not wound up on the big screen ("It's Pat! -- The Movie"). There's a reason that idiotic, humiliating games that transform people into human fertilizer are a staple of TV in Japan and not the U.S. In their game shows, the Japanese have elevated cruelty to an art form. The idea that we'd sit at our computer monitors and guffaw at the culturally befuddling absurdity that goes along with being a Japanese contestant is one thing, but to think it would cross over to American TV takes the joke a surrealistic step too far. We're left scrambling for our mouse and the left-click button, only to realize to our horror that we've once again been full-on invaded by Japan.

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The title clearly doesn't refer to the audience.


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