Control Review, by Michael Sragow of Baltimore Sun

It's shot in gorgeously calibrated black and white (albeit on color stock). Indeed, the director, Anton Corbijn, and the cinematographer, Martin Ruhe, create a monochromic rainbow from shades of gray. Their work is so intense that when you emerge from the theater, living color seems unreal.

Corbijn pulls off a similar feat with his actors, especially Riley; Samantha Morton as Curtis' wife, Deborah; and Alexandra Maria Lara as Annik Honore, his lover. They conjure an immensity of emotion out of a few moods. They convince you that Curtis had the kind of melancholia that enlarged his gifts and enriched their lives - then leveled them.

A David Bowie follower in the rowhouse town of Macclesfield, Ian wins over Deborah, his best friend's girlfriend, when he recites Wordsworth by heart.

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Biopic's filmmakers are in total 'Control'


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