War, Inc. Review, by Claudia Puig of USA Today

Screwball, vaguely futuristic political satires are a rare hybrid, and War, Inc. is an intriguing, if flawed, example.

Recalling Dr. Strangelove, Wag the Dog and even Idiocracy, the film skewers American imperialism, corporate greed and corruption and offers a sometimes clever commentary on the Iraq War. While it can be bitingly funny, the plot goes off in several directions and often loses its way.

War, Inc.'s biggest asset is its star, producer and co-writer, John Cusack. He's one of the most likable American actors, and it's a pleasure to see him in something other than a mainstream romance or generic drama.

His comic timing is razor-sharp, and he can deliver a harshly sardonic line and still remain engaging.

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'War, Inc.' scores in funny business


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