The Rise and fall of Spinoffs

When Joanie loved Chachi it lasted exactly 17 episodes. When Frasier loved Niles it lasted even longer-ish.

When Skeletor remembered he had a mentor that had long ago been locked on another planet with He-Man's sister, it was like a steel-toed boot to the nethers. But that's just the risk of a spin off, now isn't it? You think you've got a great product, but then Hordak shows up and kicks you in the jellies.

Unless the spin-off of which you speak belongs to Cleveland Brown of Family Guy fame. He, apparently, is on the threshold of carrying his own show. where it this going to end?

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Jul 30, 2008 2:24PM EDT

Its a trend now a days if you haven't noticed. Prequels, Sequels, Game-Movies, Comic-Movies and Spin-Offs...I guess you could go out to say writers are out of original ideas. Some are are good, while others make us just scratch our head and ask why waste the time and money? About the Cleveland will do great. It will be like the black family guy, with racist rednecks and talking bears. Waiting to see the pilot and give you a better opinion, but looks good as of now.


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Sep 22, 2012 1:22PM EDT

Call me crazy call me what you will but I actually think that the Cleveland show is pretty good. They make fun of every one I like people to make fun of and no thats not black people. I feel they push it sometimes when they make fun of certain things but they do it well. I only dislike that they had kanye west on the show and said nothing about Jim being a filthy piece of s**** after the "gay fish" episode of south park Matt Stone and Trey Parker have set the bar high for making fun of that racist no talent POS

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