Episode Recap: "That Which We Destroy"

Last time on 90210, the Wilson love child showed up at Annie's Sweet 16, and this week, thing picked up right where we left off leaving the family to come to terms with a new member. Also, tension mounts between Kelly and Brenda, and a secret relationship is revealed.

Annie and Naomi are stunned by the appearance of their half-brother Sean, and so is the rest of the Wilson family (except Grandma Tabitha is trying to calculate her new fake age). Sean tells his biological family he grew up in South Carolina, had a not-so-stable upbringing and was currently on military leave when the P.I. tracked him down.

At school, Ethan and Annie are officially girlfriend and boyfriend publically. In fact, they're "so together, it's like Siamese twins." Clearly Naomi is less than thrilled, but Annie takes a caddy turn for the worst when she starts trash talking Naomi behind her back and becomes all around bitchy and self-absorbed. Ethan isn't a fan of the transformation, nor is Kelly who tries to get the girls to call a truce in her office. All she manages to accomplish is lecturing them on the importance of girlfriends over boyfriends by using a potted plant as her metaphor.

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