American Gladiator Might Be Captain America, Conan

/Film has received a tip that Mike O'Hearn, better known (only known) as the American Gladiator Titan (aka, the one who occasionally turns into a blonde Hulk), revealed to an Omaha radio show that he's up for the leads in Conan and Captain America. I don't know about this. Sure, he has the physique, but an American Gladiator playing Captain America. I mean, yeah, when I say it like that it sounds like it makes perfect sense, but come on. What are this guy's qualifications? Let's see what has to say:

With nearly godlike strength and skill, he is the ultimate warrior. Able to physically dominate foes with his impressive physique, he is equally adept at mind games and will attempt to mentally defeat opponents before the battle even begins. Titan is a double threat who will find a way to win... one way or another.

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