Batman Forever: Voted for having one of the six dumbest doomsday devices in a Superhero movie.

In Joel Schumacher's first Batman film, the Riddler sends Batman on a frantic chase all over the city, forcing the hero to solve increasingly difficult riddles and puzzles lest he detonate a series of explosives and slaughter countless innocent civilians. Oh, no, wait, I'm sorry, that's what Simon Gruber does to John McClane in Die Hard with a Vengeance. In Batman Forever, the Riddler menaces the Dark Knight primarily through atrocious comedic overacting. But in addition to a performance that makes his star turn in Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls look like something out of The Bicycle Thief, Jim Carrey's character menaces Gotham City with "The Box," a virtual-reality device that secretly drains viewers' brainwaves (science!), reads their minds (double secret science!), and makes the Riddler smarter (triple dog science!), all while emitting a green glow like an Ecto-Cooler processing plant and forcing its victims to make dopey Looney Tunes faces. Riddle me this: Who comes up with this mishegoss?

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The 6 Dumbest Doomsday Devices from Superhero Movies


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